I am currently working on several exciting projects and bands…..

Right now, I am touring with Flash – a triubte to Queen on a UK theater tour, which is going well! Great for fans and non fans of Queen, full costume change everything show! Pyros and all. See website for any dates.

I am also in rehersals with the Whiskey Poets, which features internationally acclaimed crime writer RJ Ellory, who plays guitar. EP had sold well, now planning to tour. Very bass driven!! Bass solo nearly every song.

I am also doing session work with Martin Smith (Garage Studios, Franz Ferdinand, Girls Aloud) and Hossam Ramzey…stay tuned as to what its going to be called, when released etc. It is sounding amazing!! Me and Hossam will also be writing an album together very soon…. It will be a sheer bass and rhythm fest, full of odd time signatures.

I have just finished recording the Delta Rayz  record (featuring legendary rock drummer Woody Woodmansy and Trevor Boulder, David Bowie – Spiders from Mars). This will be engineered by Martin Smith, formally of ELO. Will be very exciting!

I have also recently become an endorsee of Orange Bass Amps. Fantatsic sounds.

I will keep you updated…..


  1. Joanne Thomson says:

    WoW! Break a Leg Chris!

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