chris-malin-bass-player-2Despite rumours to the contrary, Chris Malin is in fact a human being.  He was born in Birmingham – home of Jeff Lynne, Ozzy Osbourne, Heavy Metal and the Spitfire – in August of 1978.

Despite hailing from such an important and historic birthplace, Chris wasn’t immediately seduced by the world of thrashing guitar and thundering bass.  Thankfully, this affliction lasted only until he was fifteen, when everything changed.  The ‘lightbulb moment’ occurred in a school science class, of all things. Perhaps a divine visitation, perhaps something else entirely, Chris was overpowered by an all-embracing certainty regarding his purpose and direction in life. To this day he still has no idea why the concept of playing Bass Guitar came to him. He had no previous experience with the instrument, and certainly no great admiration for it. Nevertheless, how he has since become a consummate master of the instrument.

Propelled by the aforementioned moment of revelation Chris then spent four years practising for the better part of eight hours a day. His parents, until that time relatively decent, understanding people, became concerned, even anxiety-ridden, regarding their son’s apparent loss of connection to reality.

chris-malin-bass-player-3He would return from school, from work, from anywhere, and immediately he was back to his practise schedule.  Often forgetting to eat, even to sleep, he pursued his goal of musical competence with a degree of unrelenting intensity.  Chris started playing live gigs, he joined bands, and gained immediate attention from both fellow musicians and music-lovers.   Even internationally-acclaimed rock bassist Billy Sheehan – with whom Chris has since undertaken one-to-one tutorial classes – was completely awestruck at what this kid could do.  Billy, having heard Chris – still merely sixteen years of age – play a solo to him personally one afternoon, was sufficiently impressed to comment on his prowess at one of his masterclass clinics.  Chris has since had one-to-one tutorials with Music Radar’s #1 Bassist of All Time, John Myung of Dream Theater.  Word-of-mouth continued unabated, and Chris became someone to look out for, someone to watch, and his subsequent ascendancy has been nothing short of miraculous. Pro session work swiftly followed, playing live, touring, forever in demand. He worked as a songwriter for Sony, penning material for artistes such as Kylie Minogue and Jamiroquai. American rap artist P.Diddy tracked Chris down for his tour, but due to the imminent birth of his daughter Chris had to reluctantly decline.

Chris Malin has played with the best – a real Who’s Who of music greats, including recording with members of ELO, session work with award-winning percussionist, Hossam Ramzy, and on to auditions with such luminaries as Peter Gabriel and Paul Weller.  During the last half decade, Chris has also performed to an average of a quarter of a million people a year in numerous UK and European venues, including Austria, Croatia and Portugal.

I have known Chris for the better part of twenty years. He is a truly remarkable musician. There is nothing this guy cannot do with this instrument. I am relying on him to take the bass guitar back to the forefront of music, just as it deserves.

Roger Jon Ellory
Best Selling International author, musician, and friend.


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