Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

I thought I would add a few notes for bass players or guitar players about practicing.

Personally, I hate it! However, it is an essential part of what we do. You don’t get paid for it, and it usually involves not doing something else you would like to do. Yet, if we don’t do it – we crash and burn.

The problem I have found is not that we don’t have the willingness to do so, but that we don’t have the ‘time’. This, however, is self-defeating. If you have the willingness, you will make the time! I never buy that as an excuse from myself, or from others. Being disciplined is what being a musician or artist is all about! Even the great ones that seem lazy as hell…I promise you at some point they really put the work in. We live in a world whereby we want the quick option – the ‘three steps to being a great guitarist in 4 days’, the Guitar Hero nation. It simply does not work like this – ask anyone who plays guitar for a living. The internet and advertising would have us believe that we can be great at our instruments quickly. This is simply not the case. What you have to do is GET STUCK IN and play play play, all day, or as much as possible. Anything! John Myung of Dream Theater told me that you can practise anything, as long as it has movement in it. Dont get too stuck on WHAT to practice, as practicing and playing are 2 different things. I will save that for another article…..but simply practice. Find something that has movement in it, and go over and over and over it until you can do it quickly and easily, then move on to something else you can’t do. This may seem simple, and it is. Anything that is truly powerful is truly simple, and I hope this method works for you!

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