What is the Bass Guitar?

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Bass Guitar, Music

Welcome to my new Blog.
I am going to be posting many things on here about music, life, bass, guitar, experiences I have had or are currently having,anything unusual, amusing and interesting that relates to the above (don’t yawn).

I think it’s fitting, especially as a bass player and for my friends and pupils and fellow musicians, that I explain a little from my viewpoint what the Bass is, and it’s role. Now – it’s really funny – or maybe not so funny if you’ve playing since your were 12 – that the sheer amount of people who don’t know what this 4 string beast is or what it does is truly mind boggling. “But it’s just a normal guitar, isn’t it !?” er……. Nope. It isn’t.
Yes. Oh.
So what is it, and what does it do?
Well, I can tell you what it isn’t ….it is not “that annoying thing in the corner of the dining room that takes up all that space..so annoying”……
I’m not going to bore your curious mind with lots of pertinent facts about the design, technical data or anything else like that. Though – I could. To be totally honest, it bores me stupid too. This article is intended for those who know nothing about the instrument, or for those interested in my take on this whole thing. I will start with the first section, which is for those who know nothing about it, which seems to me to be the majority of the music listening general public. No joke.

Sound is composed of certain qualities, of which we call frequencies. Every sound has a frequency, and quality of frequency. Bored yet ? Ok. Simply put, the Bass is lower register of these frequencies. Those frequencies you can feel in your body and chest when at a club for example are the bass frequencies. Now, usual band set up is guitar, bass vocals and drums. The guitar is the upper part of the sound, the bass the lower part that you can’t always hear but feel, drums are the pulse and vocals the melody. Simple ? Yes, it is. Without the lower bass frequency, music sounds dull, lifeless, and seriously boring. Something is obviously lacking without it. Therefore, the bass guitar makes music sound brighter, full of life, and interesting – and you can always feel it’s presence, even though you can’t always hear it.

What it means to me personally, is quite a big deal. There is nothing like standing on a stage and hitting those low notes and feeling the low frequency go up your body. It feels reassuring, warm, homely even. This is what I like about it – it makes me feel at home.
Maybe one day, it will make you feel at home too.

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